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The Troubadour was established in 1954. It started life as a classic 1950's coffee house in Earls Court that has since expanded to include the cafe/brasserie and live music club together with the award winning garden, the wine shop and wine bar, the gallery. The Troubadour has a proud history as a low temperature centre of courtesy, peace and artistic energy. One review called The Troubadour Cafe "the best eatery West of Big Ben" - they still offer breakfast, lunch, teas, drinks & dinner and are open from 9am until midnight seven days a week (with the kitchen open ALL day until 11pm). Downstairs is the Troubadour Club, which, since the 50's, has been a hotbed of emerging talent and a leading light in excellent musicianship and live music. From its early incarnation as a folk venue, where Bob Dylan, Paul Simon and many others played in a counter-culture den of creativity, The Troubadour Club continues to be at the forefront of interesting, original music and spoken word events with a great reputation for originality and atmosphere. Although now twice its original size, The Troubadour Club remains true to its roots as the private cellar beneath the café and is one of the most exciting small music venues in town. It promotes a varied music & arts programme, from Poetry readings to live music either organised in house or by outside promoters, The Club is the best place to check out the freshest sounds on the unsigned live music scene. Musicians from the new generation of stars, including Morcheba, Laura Marling, Ed Sheeran, Jamie T and Adele, have performed in the Club. October 2013 they hosted a secret gig for Ronnie Wood and Mick Taylor (Rolling Stones) prior to their concert in The Royal Albert Hall. The Club is occasionally available for private parties of up to 120 people. Please ask if you have a special date on which you would like to celebrate. If you don't want to go home after a party or gig at The Troubadour Club And finally, if you are looking for a light and airy space to arrange a drinks party for up to 70 people, a dinner party for up to 30 or indeed an art exhibition of any sort, please ask about The Troubadour Gallery.

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