Venue Hire and Menu Information for Christmas

If you haven’t reserved a venue or function room for your office or company Christmas party yet, now is the time to get serious and do it. You can find pub and bar Christmas menu’s in the list below and on page 2 and page 3 with new menu’s, party packs and brochures being uploaded by licensees on a regular basis.

The hottest dates for hiring venues for Christmas office parties in 2012 will be Friday 21st December and Thursday 20th of December, however, the week before the Christmas break - Friday 14th and Thursday 13th - also promises to be a very busy time for pubs and bars, along with the 17th, 18th and 19th.

These are all premier dates and you need to be reserving your venue, function room or shared areas now.

If you have been nominated to book your company office Xmas party, you need to seriously think about getting these dates booked in and secured NOW.

Important: Do it by email so that you have a track of everything that has been said and there can be no misunderstandings. Pay deposits by credit card and get receipts.

Below are pubs and bars who have published their Christmas menus, brochures and party packs, however, you can find more venues on the Function Room Hire page or complete the venue hire form and we will search for a Christmas party venue for you. It’s a FREE service The Pub and Bar Network provide to you and our subscribing venues.

These Xmas menu’s are ideal if you are looking to reserve a table in a pub or bar for Christmas lunch or Christmas dinner.

Available Venues and Function Rooms for Hire Over Christmas

Includes: Party Packs, Menu’s and Christmas Brochures.


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