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Beer Title: Wandle
Brewery: Sambrooks Brewery Ltd
ABV %: 3.8
See: Golden sunset
Smell: spicy, herbaceous
Taste: quaffable, light spice, lemons
Brewery Name: Sambrooks Brewery Ltd
Website URL:
Address: Unit 1 & 2 Yelverton Road, Battersea
Postcode: SW11 3QG
Contact Name: Duncan Sambrook
Phone number: 0207 228 0598
Mobile: 07786 626851

Licensee Notes: Wandle information has been updated on the site and will be available
at least until 25th Oct 13.

Wandle Ale was Sambrook’s very first beer. I will never forget the taste of the first brew, produced on 26th November 2008. It was a beautiful golden sunshine colour; clean and fresh, its sweetness cut by a delicate lingering bitterness. The very thought of it makes me thirsty. What’s in a name? The River Wandle makes its way through Battersea and out into the Thames. It’s just a minute’s walk from the brewery and was our inspiration for the beer. The river has helped shape London’s industrial heritage – much like London’s brewing industry. When we started brewing in Battersea we also discovered trout had returned to the river – which was now flourishing after years of misuse. Interpreting this as a good omen, this inaugural golden ale was christened.


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