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Sunday Roasts
The most important day of the week, the day we work hardest to make your day the comfiest.

Our Sunday roasts are being voted the best in London!

We cook our Hereford sirloin and Gloucester pork shoulder for over 10 hours at 52°, producing texture that melts in your mouth. Adding to this our roast potatoes are steamed and individually coated in goose fat before being roasted.

If you wish to join us on the best day of the week, we advise you book. If you don’t get the chance to we will ensure you get a table, but you may have to wait.

Host Your Own Roast
If you are like us, you hate dining in large groups where food takes forever to arrive, silence descends when it eventually does and conversation is limited to those near you.

‘Host Your Own Roast’ is the answer!

We cook the food, serve it in a banquet style, and you host the table, carve the meat and let everyone help themselves.

■Everyone is served at once
■No lull in conversation
■No waiting around
■Everyone has their fill
■and You get to show off your carving skills!
Each ‘Host Your Own Roast’ is individually catered for, tables from 6 people can ‘Host’. Prices start at 15.00 per person.

Any cut of meat or mixture of vegetables can be ordered, priced accordingly. Nut roast is available for vegetarians.

Sunday Roast Tea & Coffee

The roast at Bacchus Pub and Kitchen is available from 1pm until 9pm, every Sunday. A full a la carte menu is available as well as our roast.


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