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Welcome to Irene and Nan's, one of Belfast's leading bar / restaurants. With it's uber cool décor, sophisticated drinks menu and carefuly prepared dishes we cater for all events. Whether you're looking for an after work drink or somewhere to hold a special occasion we have something to offer you. Located on Brunswick Street in the heart of Belfast's City centre Irene and Nan's is the ideal choice regardless if you're just finishing work, visiting the city, out shopping or looking for a great night out! What the staff say: "Nan's has a completely different atmosphere during the week compared to the weekend. Mid week it's a much more relaxed place, whereas at the weekend it's BANGIN!" "It's slightly more upmarket than your normal inner city bar and that really reflects in the customers we get; they're always polite and friendly and that makes a big difference. I knew the place always had a good reputation for food, so working here and seeing what the guys in the kitchen can produce is fantastic." "I love the bar, it's a great place. I like how it can be something for everyone - at lunch we have tables coming in from the colleges and offices around us, in the afternoon we get a lot of students in drinking because of the good drinks offers and at the weekend the music is fantastic and there's a real clubby atmosphere to the place. If the customers who come in on a Monday afternoon, saw how it was on a Saturday night, they'd never think it was the same place!"

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