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It is hard to find a quiet and inviting corner in the City, where you can relax, unwind and escape, where you are recognised by the small service team, you are called by your name and treated like a friend, not a gatecrasher. Where you can hide away from the crowd and catch up on the latest office gossip over a glass of wine. But there is a small and intimate wine bar filled with warm candle lights and good music, just off Bow Lane, in the area often referred to as the City’s Covent Garden, Jamies in Groveland Court located in amongst the plethora of boutiques, small shops and sandwich bars which line the area’s small alleyways and cobbled streets. It`s charming location will draw you into a surprising atmosphere: expect to be greeted as you step in the door and don`t be surprised to see plenty of smiling faces behind the bar. Whether you`re a wine buff or a wine beginner the extensive and seasonally evolving wine list offers you a bottle to match your mood and taste. If it’s a recommendation you need, you’ll get some excellent suggestions from the knowledgeable staff to go with your ploughman’s. The bar offers a wide variety of popular quality sandwiches and hot mains for lunch and a great selection of irresistible bites in the evening. Feel like you’re at home!

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