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Built in 1546 for the servants of the Bishops of Ely, The Ye Olde Mitre is famous for having a cherry tree, (now supporting the front) that Queen Elizabeth once danced around with Sir Christopher Hatton. The pub was actually a part of Cambridge (Ely being in Cambridge) and the licencees used to have to go there for their licence. Set in a part of London steeped in history, it's near where William Wallace was hung, drawn and quartered at Smithfield, along with martyers and traitors who were also killed nearby. Next door is St.Ethelreda's Church built in 1281,oldest catholic church being used in the UK,the Mitre is often featured in films and Tv programmes,the movies Snatch and recently Deep Blue Sea with Rachael Weiss were filmed here. We not only serve great beer; we celebrate it. Three times a year we hold excellent beer festivals which are a great opportunity to sample offerings from all over the world, as well as the old favourites. Join us for a pint!

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