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We are an independent pub with a passion for good food, good music and of course good drinks. We are located about 8 minutes from tufnell park tube, up dartmouth park hill towards highgate and off to the left. we are open weekdays from 5pm and weekends from noon, friday and saturday we open late. Exert from a review by katheryn rice: The atmosphere A quiet but good quality jukebox plays The Clash, Bob Dylan, rythm and blues, ska and rocksteady in the background to the comfortable locals. Some drinkers settle down for a long, lazy evening over a few bottles of wine and some food, others include young and trendy arty types meeting for a few beers. Ages range from early twenties to late forties and the vibe is definitely chilled out. If you make it to the Star on a Thursday, you will also see a steady stream of musicians with guitars on their backs making their way upstairs to take part in the acoustic showcase. Expect to spend the evening listening to some superb singer/songwriters in a caring sharing atmosphere.

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