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London Pubs and Bars - The Old Doctor Butlers Head, Moorgate EC2V 5BT - Welcome


The Old Doctor Butlers Head is a traditional english pub in the heart of the City of London. Originally established in 1610, the present building dates from after the great fire of 1666.

Dr Butler was a specialist in nervous disorders whose 'miracle cures' including holding consultation on London Bridge during which the unfortunate client would be dropped through a trap door into the torrent below. For epilepsy, he would fire a brace of pistols near his unsupecting patients, in order to scare the epilepsy from them. In cases of the plague, he would plunge the poor soul into cold water.

So highly was he considered and despite his lack of qualifications, he was appointed Court Physician to King James I. He also developed a medicinal ale for curing gastric ailments. This would only be served from taverns that displayed Dr Butlers's head on their signs, which led to him acquiring a number of ale houses. Of these, The Old Doctor Butlers Head is the only one left standing.

One of Londons oldest Pubs is host to Britains oldest brewery serving famous ales from Shepherd Neame and several interesting international lager brands.

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