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Since we opened in 1999, Gjs has livened up an otherwise dull part of Wandsworth. The original clientele has grown out of old pals from many ski seasons in Val d'Isere where the bar originally opened. During the week it is a nice place to meet up and have some grub or watch some rugby or footie on the big screens. At the weekend Gjs comes into it's own with it's infamous parties, where anything goes! GJ's original reputation developed during 8 years as the legendary GJ's of Val d'Isere in the French Alps. After some fun, crazy and memorable years there, the crew packed up and moved to London. GJ's has been established for nine years in Wandsworth SW18, and are firmly recognised as Wandsworths NO 1 party venue. History:- GJ's or G.Jays (as it was originally) was established in the French Alpine resort of Val D'Isere in 1989. Started by Gregor, Jason and Yvonne, the bar quickly became one of the best known and liveliest bars in the alps. We had eight extremely enjoyable, hard working, unhealthy, sociable years in the alps until circumstances led to it's closure in 1997. Jason and Yvonne have now gone, but are not forgotten. Gregor carries the legend on in the shape of GJ's in London, and every year together with our Val D'Isere rivals 'The Pacific Bar,' we hold reunions and pre ski-parties to unite like minded people we have met over the years.

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