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Back in the 1838 times were tough. For those of you that remember (although these days that’s pretty unlikely), Wimbledon was feeling the pinch too. There wasn’t much money to go around and to make matters worse the government were taxing the hell out of everyone. The “Old Frizzle” they called it. That god damn ace of spades showed up on everything. All of life’s golden pleasures were pushed further out of reach. A good meal and a decent pint were what dreams were made of and people found themselves searching for a new form of escape. And you know what?? That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. Singing, dancing and literature ruled. The blackened warehouse at the bottom of the hill was where it all happened, with its wainscoted rooms, and its rotten floors and staircase suddenly became the haven for late night revelry. Those people knew how to party and managed to create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort even without the golden pleasures. It has taken over a century for us to restore flavour to the drink and class to the food. In our time every day is a day to celebrate with fine wine, craft beers, beautifully crafted food, live sport and music. So for our current clientele we welcome them to the golden age but to those who came before us we tip our hats, thank them for the inspiration and remember the Old Frizzle.

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