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History of Cav:

With history stretching back almost 60 years the venue originally opened in the 1940s as a dancehall. ‘The New Cavendish’ soon became Edinburgh’s leading dancehall winning a reputation as one of the best places for dances such as jiving and ballroom and famous for its ‘sprung dancefloor’.

As the trend geared towards clubbing the venue changed from a dancehall and reformed into a nightclub in 1969 named ‘Clouds’.

‘Clouds’ played host to some huge acts such as Pink Floyd, The Jam, Ramones, Adam & The Ants to name but a few.

The club renamed in 1979 to ‘Coasters’, which brought back live dance music and turned Friday nights into the ‘Dreamland Ballroom’.

‘Coasters’ was not only famous for its Roller Disco but for the acts that performed such as Depeche Mode, Simple Minds, Culture Club, The Clash, R.E.M.

‘Outer Limits’ in 1984 opened the upstairs room as ‘The Hoochie’ and was one of the first clubs in Edinburgh to play house music.

‘The Hoochie’ was changed to ‘Mambo’ which billed itself as Scotland’s only true black music night and reggae - a specialist music club.

Another name change to ‘The Network’ in 1990 before reverting back to its original name of ‘The Cavendish’ in 1991.

In September 2002 the venue undergone a £2 million refurbishment and re-opened as ‘Cavendish & Diva’ until December 2004, and with a brief 4 months time out, the club launched as ‘Lava Ignite’ in April 2005.

‘Lava Ignite’ saw acts such as Calvin Harris, Example, JLS, Basshunter which put ‘Lava Ignite’ back on the map for live music. During this time, the club also played host to comedy shows with the likes of Des Clarke, Daniel Sloss, Tom Stade appearing on stage.

Another half a million pound refurbishment in 2012 saw ‘Lava Ignite’ revert back to ‘Cav’ - the name always remembered by customers (despite the other name changes), and under ownership of the Luminar Group, is how it stands today.

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